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Since its founding in the 1980s, VDL has specialised in functional and decorative ground covers for, among other things, ponds, aquariums and plant arrangements.

The sand and gravel products are carefully selected and are washed, sieved or fire-dried before being further processed into high-quality end products.
Besides our natural products, we also supply a range of coloured gravel.
The possibilities are numerous, allowing us to respond to market trends and the needs of end users.

We pack mainly in consumer packaging and supply – in addition to the VDL brand – a variety of private label products for major brands
Delivering big bags for large-scale projects is naturally always an option.

We also produce a large number of pond basket models.

Sustainability is our main priority. Our packaging is made from recycled plastic granulate and the raw materials of our products are sourced from European soil.
What’s more, the suppliers we work with adhere to strict standards and operate in accordance with our sustainability standards.

Our products are divided into clear product groups.

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