Bird gravel
Under the name Bright Bird, VDL Siergrind markets a high-quality fine gravel for birds that is processed according to proven quality and size.

The specially crushed gravel is fire-dried, making it free of germs. After this, it is sieved down to exactly the right fraction.

VDL sharp bird gravel is an exceptionally pure and honest product without any additives. Bird gravel increases the surface area of the feed, allowing the gastric juices to act better on the feed. This promotes the digestion of the bird feed.

VDL bird gravel is available in the varieties:

  • Number 1, fine; canaries, tropical birds, game birds, small parakeets, etc.
  • Number 2, coarse; parrots, large parakeets, pheasants, sport poultry, etc.
  • Number 3, coarse; pigeons
Oesterschelpen verpakking

Oyster shell grit
VDL Oyster Shell Grit is prepared from dried and sterilised oyster shells, with no additional additives to give a high-quality natural product.

The main feature of oyster shell grit is its high calcium content, which helps to strengthen the bones of birds. The flat structure of the shells allows the birds to easily ingest the high calcium content.

We recommend giving the birds a combination of VDL Oyster Shell Grit with VDL Bird Gravel. Birds will take in both products as needed.

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