We sell a comprehensive range of decorative aquarium gravel and functional ground covers under the name Aqua Decor.

This line of products are ready-to-use ground covers for the aquarium. All materials, both natural and coloured, can be used for aquascaping and are extremely safe to use alongside plants and animals.

Natural gravels
The various sand and gravel products we use are carefully selected and are washed or fire-dried. This ensures the product is free of dirt and any germs. VDL Siergrind offers a wide choice of sizes and colour variations, so that every customer can create a natural habitat for plants and animals.

Coloured gravels
In addition to its natural gravel range, VDL Siergrind has a broad selection of coloured gravel.
The possibilities are numerous, enabling us respond well to market trends and end-user requirements.
We work exclusively with water-based pigments to guarantee absolute safety for plants and animals. It also reduces our impact on the environment.
The high-quality method of colouring is also a warranty for perfect adhesion and long-lasting colour.

Sustainable production is a high significance at VDL Siergrind, which is demonstrated in several ways:

  • We only process European products that have an ecological and socially responsible background.
  • Sand and gravel must be extracted responsibly, with the ultimate aim of (re)developing natural areas of value for future generations.
  • In addition, we have relatively short transport distances to minimise the environmental impact.
  • We process our industrial foils using at least 30% of recycled granules and continuously update the formulations based on new insights and techniques.
  • No solvents and only water-based pigments are used for colouring gravel.

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