''VDL Siergind, a reliable partner for many years''

About Us

VDL Siergrind is a family business that has been around since the 1980s. Our close-knit team works hard every day to process, package and transport sand, gravel and other decorative granulates for a wide range of purposes. At our production site in Gemert, we wash, colour and package sand, gravel and substrates for ponds, aquariums and as decorative ground cover.

Among our major customers are pet supply and garden wholesalers, florist wholesalers and commercial nurseries. Our products are delivered to these customers under our own VDL brand. For larger brands, there is also the option to have your own private label. In such cases, we can take care of delivery a customer-specific range with a personalised packaging.

That unique atmosphere of a family business is still very much part of VDL Siergrind, where personal contact with our customers and staff is paramount. Together with our close-knit and driven team, we guarantee that the cooperation with our customers will remain strong for many years.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Besides ensuring that our products are sustainable, we have a clear vision on CSR in our human resources policy. By creating sustainable workplaces, our company is more attractive and accessible for the labour market. Every employee has personal qualities and we believe there is suitable work for everyone. This makes us all happier.

The quality of the products we supply and our working methods have helped us gain a large international market share. Although our biggest sales market is the Benelux, we also operate in several European countries.